Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Secret to Life

There's one particularly interesting caller I got before I end my shift. At first he was upset and disputes about multiple issues - billing, rate plan and his handset. I explained and educated him about the charges and the features. I rectified the issue right away. And then, it was him who initiated the "small talk". He asked me about one big serious question. "What is the secret to your life?"

It took me few seconds to answer his question.. my head was blank! lol. I then answered him that "the secret to life is to slow down, to sit, and to observe." So i returned the question to him. He replied "the secret to life is to learn, and have more scientific experience. You know, I want to be more like Christ." And he added something like he thinks he is the second coming of Christ and he is going to marry Madonna, have a hit record, then start smiting nations with wrath. Hahaha classic!

You know what I said.. "*laughs* goodluck! it's not a sin to dream anyway" and I ended the call hahahah. I hope it's not recorded. :D.

Man oh man, I just cant stand talking to insane people hehehe. I wonder how long the lucidity will last, before it turns into schizophrenic delusion. Tee-hee!

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