Monday, December 15, 2008

Hotel 626

So.. I have faced my greatest fears, eh? I had to play Hotel 626 twice just to pass the 10 stages. My first try last month was no luck, I was stuck on level 5 and i had to try again. I had no patience, so I quit the game.

I took a screenshot of the girl who made me jump off my chair last month. Creepy?

And last night, I got bored and played Hotel 626 again and this time I passed the 10 stages. Yay!

Here's a snapshot from the Hotel 626 site. Evidence that I passed the 10 stages. :D

Not enough evidence for you to believe me? Here ya go:

And few minutes after I passed the game, I played with it again for the third time and passed..again. :D

Here's the snapshot

Go play Hotel 626, and let's see how composed you will be.

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