Monday, April 13, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed. But How About Humans?

I just read some silly article about vegan clothing.

The words "vegan clothing" make me laugh. It's so over-used. I don't want to start with organic stuff, but I'll start with it anyway. So... using words that describe something to take into your body does not really suit describing clothing. The most commonly used used fiber is cotton, which is a plant and hence vegan if you want to call it that way. That means all denim is vegan. Your jeans are not special. When people use it to describe fake leather belts, accessories and clothes, I'm like... how many under aged children and sweat-shop workers were used to make them? How many underpaid workers worked overtime to make them? Not to mention working with the use of toxic chemicals.

Good that you are not hurting animals, BUT no doubt, humans were harmed or mistreated in the process is pretentious and thoughtless. Apparel factories produce exorbitant amounts of chemical run-off from the dye, fumes from the heat seal machines, screen printers, drying irons and they use more plastic than you could ever imagine. Most apparel factories even ones where fabric was made with organic plants that was then taken to a toxic mill to be woven and then brought to the factory.

It's just the way it is. I know I'm not too much of a fashionista and such... and I don't claim to be saving the planet. Is there anything ethical about the manufacturing process? There isn't much. So I hate those little fluffy bunny words that make people feel elite for doing something that's better because they are not hurting animals with disregard for the humans involved.

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