Sunday, August 09, 2009

Nail Biting and Nail Polish

I just painted my nails again today..I did the french tip. I just feel like I will have this on my nails for the whole week, unless it peels off. For the past months, I have been digging dark colored nail polish from Sally Hansen. My sister sent me 15 bottles of different colors and I'm loving them. One of the reasons why I have been painting my nails is to also avoid biting them. Actually, I have the habit of biting my nails when they're short. LOL. This is really one of my worst habits- nail biting. It's unsanitary, and I know it. I though having pretty nails would help a bit, so I always have a nice file and nail pusher with me in purse. Now, that my nails are up all nice, I won't ended up chewing them off. LOL. OK, I'm funny.

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