Sunday, August 09, 2009


Ok, today is weird. I just received a text message from the ex saying, "I apologize." Yep, that is all. I did not reply, because I know he is again looking for attention, and I really don't want to communicate with him anymore. He has done so much trouble. Well, he is a good person, but more of the bad side. The 1st year was a great, we were happy, the 2nd year was on and off, and 3rd was a hell.

I do not believe he treated me fairly. Nor do I believe I was appreciated the way I should have been appreciated. I was undervalued, and in the end treated me badly in a very poor manner... regardless whether it was passive or not, I do not believe I should be treated as such. He could go on making excuses leading to one thing to another, maybe to explain certain actions. BUT I don't believe an apology should be followed or included along with meaningless pointless excuses. Because for me, that would simply devalue it. It would be just another mistake I see. Because it's a lie. And so, I refuse to accept the apology.

End of rant.

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