Thursday, October 01, 2009

Exercise and Weight Loss

I'm a bit disappointed of myself because I have gained weight again. I am not that serious with my diet, so at times I'd eat a lot like there's no tomorrow, and when the guilt sets in, I would go on diet again the next day. It's not really consistent.

I am now thinking that I would go back to the gym. But since I'm back to being a student, I am more busy with school stuff, and I cannot afford a gym membership. Besides, I'm the type of person who would enroll myself to the gym but seldom show up.

So what's a good exercise that I should be doing to lose weight? I remember I used to to a 30 minute walk every morning, or jog or do the stretching. I do that upon waking up. I want an enjoyable exercise, it could be activities that I usually do. Like climbing the stairs, a walk in the morning or in the afternoon. To be successful with losing weigh, I also need to change my eating habit. I want to achieve and see physical results since my weight is visible in the midsection.

If all of these fails, then I would go with diet pills or some food supplements as being advertised that are good from other competition. I need to really choose which one is safe before purchasing any of them since advertising and product differentiation may cause confusion to consumers.

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