Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Astounding Power of Beauty

I have a confession to make...

It is somehow strange that I used to wish to control how to always look young at a whooping age of 29 years old. I change hairstyle one in a while... I only wear makeup when necessary. I save it for those who can really appreciate it, for special occasions and special people... and the rest of me with it.

Beauty does not pretend, it fleeting and thin. It is people who pretend. People wearing their beauty like a life jacket and it becomes them. So, this is why I keep control of mine. I don't want to be left one day with nothing, wrinkled face, and a sagging body. There is power which is a whole wealth behind my facade... when I get older, it will be ever more visible.

(without make-up *photo credit to StickerHappy*)

Beauty with power confuse people. It is not my fault anyway, it's theirs. However, it is my nature to shoulder the responsibility anyway.

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