Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleeping Issues

I've sucked so much about updating lately, part of that is that I have been having problems with my sleeping pattern... again. For various reasons, I can't fall asleep early even if I wanted to.. and if I'd fall alseep, I would wake up early in the morning like at 3 am, and I'm unable to sleep again.. but if I do sleep again.. I'd wake up late, and then I'm late for school. Argh. It's terribly frustrating, and it is not like I can take some meds every night just to fall asleep, as I don't want to become dependent anymore.

I used to take sleeping pills but I stopped because I almost got overdosed the last time I took them, and Hec warned me not to take them anymore. If my sleeping issues continue til next month, I will really try visiting a doctor to get a new prescription that is really safe and less addictive.

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