Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Week With Friends

TGIS! Well, it's a Saturday and I'm off to meet my friends again. This week was fun because I have been with my different circle of friends. It's really really great to be with them again. I won't go much into details, but I'm just gonna show you the photos.

Wednesday Night

We watched New Moon (last full show) and had dinner at Ramboy's, @ the Boardwalk.

We had sisig, crispy pata, chopsuey and rice.

After dinner we went to Nothing But Desserts and had ice cream. mmm gellato!

Went to MO2, party and booze.

I saw my former officemate there, and he got me another drink.

It was 2am when we left the club. So we decided to have coffee at the Coffeebreak.

Hehehe waiting for my cappuccino to be delivered. :P

Thursday: Met up with my high school friends, we had coffee at Kopi Roti and talk about the upcoming high school reunion. too bad I haven't brought my camera with me. So no pictures. :(

Friday: Had dinner with former office mates at KFC. It was only the four of us, and we ordered two bucket meals. Yeah, gluttony! LOL

So later, I will be meeting my friends again, we might watch a movie and chill a little. Great time with friends indeed!

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