Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Horizon Myrtle Beach Resort

I am the kind of person who really loves the beach. I also have a friend who is a beach lover and we agreed that even if summer is over, it's never too late for us to have our vacation. We always plan to go this and that beaches, but we never did because of our busy time. So lately, we are starting to plan about our vacation again.

If we only have a lot of money right now, I want us to go to Myrtle Beach. I believe this is the best vacation place that has great beach attractions. We can enjoy the white sand and blue ocean while we tan our skin under the sun. Myrtle beach is also perfect for people who loves golf, for it has many golf fields than can be a favorite destination for golfers.

Aside from that, Myrtle Beach has a shopping place, night life, wonderful places and much more. When I told my friend about this, she become excited.

A place to stay is not a problem too, we can actually find a place to stay there and make our Myrtle Beach Accommodation. I know we will be able to find a lot of resorts and hotels with the best options there. Myrtle Beach Accommodations won't be really difficult for us. But I really want to staying in one of the Myrtle Beach Hotel which is The Horizon. The hotel can give us a great view of the beach. Of course, the hotel can provide us with great service, facilities and entertainment with an affordable rate.

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