Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

I had a wonderful Christmas! We celebrated two birthdays - My Mom, and Jesus. I also spent the day with my family, relatives, my bf and a few friends. I won't be too detailed about what had transpired on that day, however, i will just show you some pictures!

Morning: Mom decided to prepare brunch for the street kids in our area. We occupied a small area at the back of our house for them. Only a few kids went to our house because some would rather ask alms at outside the nearest mall near our house than eat here for free.

The birthday girl - my mom, brought cake for the children.

Right after the kids left, we called in the neighbors to have lunch with us, and gave presents to their kids as well.

In the afternoon, my bf Hectril called in to meet up with him and his sister. We daddle around the mall, had coffee and enjoyed the chit chat.

Hec and I

Lette (Hec's sister) and her fiance

A cute present from Lette

After coffee, bf decided to get a hair cut and shave. It was a good call because I really wanted him to have a clean hair cut.. and must be clean shaven as well. After that, they dropped me off the house in the evening because we had a family Christmas Party at home, and a celebration of mom's birthday as well. I will just post the photos next time as soon as I have transferred them from the memory card to pc. Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas too!

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