Friday, December 18, 2009

Comforting A Crying Person

One thing I asked myself today: How can I comfort a crying person? Sometimes, when a person comes up to me and see the person cry a whole lot, I always switch to robo autopilot. Most of the time, I'd just listen.. I do not give advices to people if they won't ask for it, just to avoid the blame, like "Ï don't need your advice", or "I didn't ask you for an advice"or things like that. Because some people would just want you to listen to their problems/issues. If they ask for me for advice, I'd give the best advice I could give.

*pat, pat* "there, it'll be ok. I'll buy you alcohol, ok?" - the best advice from me. LOL! Anyway, hope my friend is ok now. though the news shocked me big time.

On a brighter side of things:
6 more days to go, and I'll see the bf again. He's coming home on the 24th. And 7 more days to go til Christmas and mom's birthday. I'm also excited for the opening of presents! :D

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