Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tony D's Hairstyling at Chalfont

I have always been changing my hairstyle once in a while. I just had my hair done last month, and now I'm bored with it. There are times that I wish my hair is shorter, and when I have a short hair, I'd wish for a longer hair. I'm just crazy. So I'm thinking of getting a new haircut again, this is in preparation for my friend's wedding three weeks from now. I want to look good and young even at a whooping age of 29 years old. My hair is long now, and I want to pump up the volume, so I want some waves and curls. However, I have full cheeks, and I think I need to have sleek style of hair. I think I will have to go for a smooth look that frames my face. I have a picture in mind of how my hair would really look like - a side part and a little volume at the crown will surely balance my round face. This can be made possible at the hair salon chalfont. I would also like to try the hair salon chalfont color, because I'm bored with my black hair already. full service salon chalfont is only at Tony D's Hair Styling salon in Chalfont, PA. If you also want to try their service, you can call for an appointment at (215) 822-3335.

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