Monday, December 07, 2009

Excited For The Holiday Shopping

I am pretty much excited for Christmas now. I must have all of my Christmas shopping done next week. I will also have to look for a wedding gift for our friends who will tie the knot on December 28, 2009. I think I will also get a few more little things for a few people; big stuff is out of the way. I won't do a grand shopping since I'm on a tight budget because I'm just a student, unlike for the past few years that I was still employed.. tehe! Anyhow, I am still happy whether I give little or big presents. I hope they'd be happy for what they will be getting from me.

I love getting stuff for my bf all year, of course not to spoil him rotten. Oh I'm excited for my little holiday shopping, and I just want to go shopping alone. :D

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