Friday, January 15, 2010

Ways to Propose Marriage

I always like to hear and watch stories about proposals. I like how men become creative when proposing for women. It's like men who propose are making their best to make a statement just to make memorable. One of the most popular and common proposals is on a romantic dinner, putting the ring on an ice cream or a slice cake. But be sure the lady won't swallow the ring. Some famous people would propose on a cruise vacation; catch the sunset on an early dinner and pop the question with the roses and ring. Others do it at a sporting event. I see one on TV when a football player proposed to the girl on the field at halftime. The scenario was well-staged and it was on broadcast.

Still, many men would do it the old fashioned way of proposing. Like a man would get down on his knees, with a long stemmed rose in his teeth and show the ring and pop the question "Will you marry me?".

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