Friday, February 12, 2010

Crowd Control

Dinagyang Festival is a month over, and i say that the event was successful. There were booze, food festival, and concerts as well. I noticed that the organizers of any of the events around the city in January were successful in crowd control that worked really well. To organize such events is a tough one and the organizers were experts in doing and implementing some public guidance.

I saw stanchions at one of the hotels during the event when some politicians and local actors/actresses came for a visit. There were also barricades that could prevent hyper crowds to come near them. One common barricade I always see is the velvet rope, I often see them at the bank, cinemas, and other places that requires people to fall in line to transact business.

I say that that these type of public guidance is highly recommended when you organize events to prevent chaotic crowd.

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