Friday, February 12, 2010

My Bathroom

It has always been my dream to have a family of my own and live in our own house. With that said, I can help but dream and imagine how my house would look like. I don't need a big house to live in, I want a standard one, like having 3 bedrooms, garden, a garage and 2 bathrooms. I really love to stay in the shower, and I am very particular with how my bathroom would like like. Even if I'd have a small one, i still want to have a bathtub and take a bubble bath with candles lit up to relax my body and mind from a stressful day. I also would like to have a whole body mirror, a nice sink and shower trays that could really fit in the look of my bathroom. Having a shower tray is a must, so I would be very particular with that as well. I know someday soon my dream would come true, I know it will.

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