Sunday, May 02, 2010

Unbearable Heat in The Philippines

I woke up early today because it's really really hot even if I have an electric fan in my room. The aircon is busted and I think it will take longer for me to get a new replacement. So if you want a free sauna, just go to my room. LOL.

I really cannot stand the heat here in the Philippines, it's like I'm always looking for something just to beat the heat. Before, the summer heat was bearable, but as the years pass by, the heat is becoming unbearable. This is maybe another effect of the climate change.

I'm thinking it is sometimes best to go malling and chill a little, but going outside the house will just kill you because of the hotness of the sun. Summer is almost over, but I have not really enjoyed being at the beach just like the usual stuff I do at the beach during summer. It has been 2 years that I have missed going back to Boracay beach. It's either that I'm always busy or I'm out of budget. Anyway, it's 28 degreesC today and i'm thinking of some things to do to battle the heat: go to the mall with friends, or make fruit shakes. I guess I have to do both. :)

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