Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Best Things Are Happening

OMG! Am I really happy? Yes, I am!

Even if life is not so easy, I am still enjoying myself. I think I am getting what I deserve to get, and that's making me say that the time has come. After all the work, school, stress, sacrifices, tears, and super efforts.. I am now getting a chance to make it pay.

It is going to be my time to shine. I will share everything I can with the people who are close to me. I am not going to enjoy every situation by myself and those people and close friends has been a part of the process.

I am really having the best things right now and that's making me proud of myself especially in everything I do because I know I am making the right choices and followed the right path that was leading me somewhere. There are some people who tried to take away the path I was taking and tried to ruin my happines but didn't succeed because I fought for it..unaware and unconscious that I was actually fighting for it, but eventually I won and now I can see the sunshine!

With all the good stuff happening to me is like a stress reliever. There's something I realize about life, love and sex.. that when you want them, you have to put time into it. So now I am going to take the VERY most of that time.

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