Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Coffee and Weird Dreams

I have been drinking a lot of coffee again lately due to my poor sleeping. I also have been having weird and sometimes fun dreams for over a week now... but mostly weird dreams. Those dreams make me not want to close my eyes and sometimes want to close my eyes as well.. depending on the kind of dream I'm having. hahaha, oh gosh I am strange!

Maybe I am just too excited for my upcoming trip - that would be a one whole month vacay! Yay! I will be away in Iloilo for that period of time. So when I get to Pampanga, I'm not going to have weird dreams again, but happy and fun dreams *grins*. And whenever I have weird dreams, I will be lucky enough to having someone to hold me or me to hold when I wake up from weird dreams and soothe me back to sleep will be a great great help! LOL!

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