Thursday, June 10, 2010

Headache and Runny Nose

Today I woke up with headache and runny nose, but it didn't stop me from getting off bed early and make breakfast for bf before he goes to work. I think I am going to be sick because I still have a headache and I have been sneezing since last night.


I think what causes my headache could be my eyes. I have not been wearing my eyeglasses since I arrived here in Pampanga. I left my glasses at home. Oh the forgetful me. What I have are my contact lenses only, and I'm not used to wearing them all day. I may even forget I have them on. Another thing, it could also be with the weather. I left Iloilo City with a high sun up, but when I arrived Manila an hour after, it rained. But I didn't seem to care on wearing my hoodie since I was to excited to head out the Manila Ocean Park. So when we arrived in Pampanga, I was having a horrible headache but it was gone after I took a pain reliever. So I'm going to wear my contacts after taking a shower and see if my headache will be gone, if not then I'll take a pain reliever again.

Runny Nose

I guess what's causing my runny nose is the dusts I have accidentally sniffed on since I started cleaning the whole apartment on Monday(June 7) until yesterday.. that includes the toilet. Oh yeah, another thing.. it could also be because of smell of muriatic acid, Toilet Duck, Domex and detergent soap I used to clean the bathroom.

Now that I'm not doing anything today aside from daddling around the internet and watching movies, I feel like all the hard work I did for cleaning the whole apartment for the past 3 days has taken its toll on me. Not to mention all the lakwatsa since Day 1 in Manila and Pampanga.

Now I think I'm sick, and this is me today.

I better sleep this off, and wait for the bf to come home at 4pm, because we're going back to the mall again to buy some stuff, and maybe watch a movie.

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