Sunday, June 06, 2010

Manila and Pampanga Arrival

I left Iloilo City at around 7:05 am - my departure flight and arrived in Manila at 8:10am. It was sunny in Iloilo when I left, but it was raining in Manila when I arrived. I was still in the plane when I thought Manila is gloomy. Well anyway, it was Raymund (my gay friend) who arrived first at the NAIA airport, while my boyfie was stillon its way.. we didn't wait any longer since he was like 15 minutes away from the airport. Then we had breakfast at KFC (my favorite fastfood), and stayed there for like 45 minutes waiting for the rain to stop, then we went to the Manila Ocean Park (as planned few months back). It rained again, so we hurriedly went inside to get our tickets. It was a Sunday, so as expected, the crowd in unbearable.. but even so, we still had a great time. Raymund and bf enjoyed the time we had at the Ocean Park, however, we took only a few photos since it was crowded.

After the Manila Ocean Park, we decided to go home in Pampanga because I was already tired I need a good sleep. Upon arriving home at 2:30 pm, I took a shower and went straight to bed, boyfie woke me up at 6pm because we need to buy some stuff at the mall. Though I was still sleepy, I had to be up to go with him,plus I was hungry so I had to eat!

It was a long day alright, but it was fun! I will be here in Pampanga for a month. This is going to be a long vacay.. and I have been waiting for this. :)

Pictures will be posted maybe later..laptop cannot read my memory card, so I have to buy a memory card reader so that I can upload photos.

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