Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Not-So-Good-Cook

I am not a good cook alright, but I only have a limited knowledge on how to cook food. And what's funny is that my dad is a good cook, and out of 5 of his children, only one knows how to cook well like him, and that is my younger brother. My dad used to tell me, "if you know how to eat good food, you know how to cook". But that does not apply to me, I just know what good food to eat..and that is all.

So everytime my dad couldn't cook for us, it's always my brother's duty to cook. We don't have a helper at home this time so it's either my dad or my brother who cook meal for us all. Me not being able to cook well is not something to be proud of. It's just that before, when we were kids trying to be at the kitchen and learning how to cook..my dad would always say to stay away from the kitchen to avoid accidents.

But hey, of course I know some few dishes, but not those with "sabaw" or heavy meals to cook. So since I visited my boyfriend here in Pampanga, we bought electric stove and some stuff for cooking, he wanted me to cook for him but I was worried he wouldn't like what I'm cooking. At first I tried cooking stuff that could be fried, then I tried soups and other stuff. Haha. well, not bad though.. because he likes every food I prepare, and everytime we eat together, he would always tell me that he will surely miss the food I prepare for him and how I take care of him in general. :)

Yes, I am not the best cook in the world, but at least knowing that someone appreciates it, is something I can be proud of. :)

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