Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shrek and Iron Man Lifesize Statues

On Saturday, Hec and I went to SM City, Pampanga right after his work. We had dinner and watched The Karate Kid. It was a good movie, and we both enjoyed it, the action, humor and a bit of drama made it more awesome.

So after the movie, we have decided to go home since it was almost 9PM. However along the cinema area, I saw Shrek, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk lifesize statues! So I hurriedly asked Hec to take a picture of them with me. Hehehe.

Shrek and his new Fiona

Iron Man and the not-so-sexy Pepper Potts? hahaha

So.. I didn't have the chance to have a picture taken with the Incredible Hulk.. but maybe later after doing some groceries. :)

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