Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School Rocks!

Time for a quick mobile blog.

I'm in the university today to get my diploma and transcript of records. Since it's still early to go home, i went to our building to see some of my classmates since last year. Well, I mean, they were my classmates in my 3rd year classes while I was on my 4th and graduating year that time. We have made a great bond together and they treat me like an older sister and they're also cool to hang out with. When i'm with them I feel like i'm 19 years old again.

So I could say that , partly.. my college came late for me. I'm saying that because I continued going to college after 8 long years. I enrolled to the same university and took the same course last year, June 2009 and finally graduated March 2010.

I could say that going back to college and getting a degree was the best decision I ever made. To have hit the books again, cramming for the exams, beating the deadlines and doing all the college thing helped me expand. It's a fraction of my life, and i've made my parents and the boyfriend proud again.

Somehow I miss going to school, but I can't be in school forever, so I'm moving on for the future.

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