Monday, July 12, 2010

June Movies

The whole month of June I was in Pampanga with the bf, that was of course to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary together. The days we've spent together were a blast. Also,we spent our weekend for movies.

We've watched The Karate Kid 2010, with casts Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Well, when I was watching the movie i couldn't help but mutter to my bf that the movie title must be "Kung Fu Kid" but he said it's a remake of the first Karate Kid. I know right, but Kung Fu is from China, and Karate is in Japan. Ugh. Ok, whatever. But yeah i love this movie, I like the acting of this new kid on the block, Jaden Smith.

Another weekend and it has become our Toy Story 3 day. I love to watch anything animated, especially on 3D, however, this time we didn't opt for the 3D seats. The movie is fun, and I admit tears were swelling from my eyes on the last scene of the movie when Andy passed on his toys to Molly, since he is confident that Molly can play with them and take care of them as well.

It's a decent family film to watch. :)

June 30 came and I was very excited for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, but not as excited as the bf. He was at work when he texted me to get ready and fix myself because he would just go home to get me and head off the theater.

Well, it's the first day for Eclipse, and as expected cinemas were full, but we were lucky enough to get our seats, though it wasn't the best seats, at least not at the balcony area or whatever you call it. Others were just seating on the stairs.

So, the movie was great, and we enjoyed it much compared to New Moon. At least this time, there's something to watch in Eclipse, not just the half naked body of Jacob.

The last movie we watched was together was Knight and Day. This movie is enjoyable, fun and full of action.

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