Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Choosing the Right Bra and Underwear

I have big breasts, I am a B. Well, they are not really big but mine are size 37. So whenever I buy bras, the ones that could fit me best are sizes 38B. Well, it actually depends on the brand and style of bras. I am very particular with the brands of bra, because for me, the more expensive bra, the better. I do not actually care if they are expensive, as long they are durable - they last long.

The types of bras I use depends on the clothes I wear, where I am going, or what occassion I am attending to. Most of my bras has underwires to make my breasts look nice, and not saggy. Because I think when a girl has big breasts, she must wear a bra with underwire. Not only to ladies with big breasts, but to all the ladies as well. So, right now since I am just in a casual T-shirt, I am wearing a t-shirt bra, just like olga bras from Herroom.

I am also very particular with the underwear my man would wear, I find him sexy with a hipster underwear no matter what the brand is. So I do buy what I think would look sexy for him. Anything for my man, from underwears, jockstraps, shirts and all.. I say I am good at getting what's right for him. So speaking of underwear, I think I am going to shop for my bra and panties later after work.

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