Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Masskara Festival For Me

I am so pissed! My friends and I have planned to go to Masskara Festival in Bacolod this weekend BUT it is not going to happen. We have planned all this 2 months ago, and I even made a 3-day hotel reservation in Bacolod for us. I have called all the hotels I could call that time to make a reservation and even asked my friends in Bacolod to help me look for a place for us to stay - either hotel or pension house. and now that everything is OK, one friend texted me that she cannot make it. Then another friend said he does not want to go if it's only just the two of us. OK fine, friends! You have ruined everything - my time, my excitement, my appointments, and my schedule.

The reason why we are going to Bacolod City for Masskara is to celebrate our 30 years of existence, and our friendship as well. I don't hate them.. I am just so disappointed and pissed right at this moment. The initial plan actually was to have a week stay in Singapore, we planned about this last year, however, my friend just gave birth to baby boy.. so we have decided to just celebrate our thing in Bacolod. But it's not gonna happen.

Anyway, my other circle of friends invited me to come with them for the Masskara Festival this weekend, but I lost my interest. So I am not going. I'm just going to spend my weekend here in my city.

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