Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saving Money

Life has been very simple since I made a commitment to buy a few things. I don't spend anymore time thinking about the things I only want, like or wish I had. I can now minimize going out for shopping and now saving money. I never feel a pang of a heartbreak when I can't have something. Maybe because I already got the things I need and want for now. So when the urge of buying something I want comes knocking again, I have to really think if i need it, than be an impulsive buyer as I was before. The only thing I enjoy the most when it comes to spending money is eating out. I love food, and I love to eat a lot. No wonder I am gaining so much weight now. So, that's what I usually treat myself and it's usually eating a lot of Filipino food, Italian, Mexican and Japanese food. The Philippines is making it easy for me to ea delicious food. Whether organic, dairy, tropical and ethical food.

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