Saturday, November 13, 2010

Leaving All The Worries Behind

I woke up with a nasty sore throat today, but I'm not complaining.. because today is a good day! Aside from the early morning text I received from my boyfriend today, I received another good news which made me dance in my bed. So I got up right away though I am still feeling sleepy.

Let me just say this.. I am tired of my lazy self, my immature behavior.. about getting older, about the way I look (I just don't want to sound like someone I know who is a self-proclaimed beautiful/good looking - we all know it's the insecurities of the person), about my extra pounds and inches. It is all done now. so I am leaving it all behind.

I know who I am, and it's becoming so easier to be just that. I can smile and say the things I want and not be worried about what people think of me. I guess it's because I have accepted it. It's just the matter of acceptance. People put too much effort in caring about what others think about them. Nothing stays.. not even rejection. It's all so funny, really.

I know I have been having fun in my entire life, but I still won't give up to having more fun... because the best thing about leaving it all behind is looking forward to what's in front of you. =)

*happy dance*

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