Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Friends Are Irreplaceable

I had a good day yesterday despite of the heavy rain, but it didn't stop me from seeing my friends. We watched the movie You Again. It was a fun movie..well.. more of a chick flick, but we enjoyed it. We hang out a little bit more after watching a movie, had a fun chit chat and took pictures. They are my good and bad time friends, they are the ones who tells me that I'm doing good, I've done a great job, or I'm crazy, I'm being a bitch, lame and all other stuff. Even if what they say could hurt me, I do not feel offended because for me, good friends are like that. They are true and faithful. Of course, I do the same to them. We laugh together, and cry together. They are my die hard friends.

You know, I have different kinds of friends, or should I say.. circle of friends. There are times I would hang out with my all boys friends, younger friends, older friends, gay friends, work friends, friends whom I share the same genre of music and interest, internet friends, high school friends, and the like. The only thing I'm not stoked on right now is that I don't see all of them very much. I see my die hard best friends fairly regularly, but it would be awesome to see some people that you like a lot, but only see when you're both at the same social event. I never see them anymore and that is kind of a bummer. Some already have moved or out of the country. I'm just glad there is Facebook.

Old friends are not replaceable. I hope someday we all get to hang out again together. :)

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