Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart-shaped Chocolate Cake - Surprised!

This is just a quick update since I have a lot of pending tasks to do... but hey, I won't miss blogging about this.

So today, just when I thought I'm dateless... I received a heart-shaped chocolate cake from bf! He's currently in Pampanga, and he made my former boss as his "conspirator" to make this happen. LOL. I'm really happy, and I'm surprised!

Here's how the cake looks like:

Heart-shaped Chocolate Cake

If you haven't noticed, the "your" there is wrongly spelled. It should be "you're" hehehe. that's a bit of a "typo?" (LOL) when captioned the cake. but anyway, it's the thought that counts.. and i'm gonna eat that anyway. hah!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :)

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