Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Day Of Being 30

Today is the last day of my being 30 year old chick. Despite some crappy times (who doesn't have crappy times anyway?), I could still say that my life in 30 is pretty goood!

Tomorrow will mark another year passed and welcoming opportunities. Right now, to enjoy the last buzz as a 30 year old, i am reflecting on how fast this year has come and gone with a cup of coffee and cookies. I smile thinking of all the awesome silly adventures i have embarked on and all the good times my 30th year of life has brought me. And let me tell you, to be able to graduate in year 2010, hold an SEO job, and to lakwatsa galore. Plus, I have a great family, and an amazing man in my life only makes the good times even better.

And I have all of you beautiful people. Life is best. Thanks for helping my only 30 years of life pretty I await the next 15 minutes until I turn 31, I plan to finish my work til 2 am. LOL!
So to all my favorite people, I raise my glass (my cup of coffee to be exact).

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