Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey You 31

Wow I just turned 31 years old. My 30th year of life went so fast.

I just woke up and I could still taste the lime vodka and margarita in my mouth. I had a good time with some friends last night. We had dinner and talked a lot with so many things. Those friends of mine were not too much into night outs and drinking, but since it was my birthday.. i forced them to drink. Hah! but anyway, my birthday went so good and was even surprised of a lot of birthday greeting and wishes from family and friends. Next weekend I'm going to celebrate my birthday again, this time I'm spending it with another batch of friends -- whom are so much to fun to be with. I'm afraid I'd die drunk with them. LOL

Few photos to share:

Some photos are in my Facebook, i have yet to upload to Flickr when I'm not lazy.

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