Saturday, December 10, 2011

Worried About My Weight Gain

I love to eat, but I hate gaining weight. when I was in my 20s, my weight was normal. I remember having a 25 inch waist line. Then I started gaining weight since I started working as a call center representative. So, even if I eat a little, I gain weight fast. That's really a problem. I've never been obsessed about being thin.

Here's what - I started worrying about my weight when I came back home in Iloilo from Pampanga. I stayed there with the bf from April-August 6, 2011. We often go out to eat lunch or dinner, or sometimes I cook at home. So whenever there are leftover meals or rice, I store them and eat or cook it again the next day. Plus, my work consists more of sitting, facing the computer and eat.

So when I arrived home, everyone was like in shock about my weight gain. LOL. So I started dieting for a month, but went back to Pampanga from October-November. My diet was ruined. I really lack self discipline.

And so, starting January 2012, I will start my diet again. Definitely not skipping meals. I must watch my carbs intake, eat more protein and stock up on yogurt.

Good luck to me!

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