Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skin Allergies + Flu

Well, Hello!

I just got better from weeks of being sick. My sickness is kind of on and off. One minute I'm sick, next minute, I'm okay.

Just about three weeks ago I have noticed some redness on my legs and it was itchy -- of course I scratched it and few minutes later it got worse. I thought it was just some dirt on there since I was wearing shorts when I went out with friends that day. So I took a bath and applied an anti-itch lotion. The itchiness was gone but the tiny redness around my legs was still there. But I still didn't mind. Days passed the itch came back, so normally I would apply the anti-itch lotion to the affected area. To make it short, I had that going on for 3 weeks until I finally have decided to have it checked since the itchiness and redness were already on both of my arms.

I knew somehow what those were already but I didn't pay to much attention to it at first 'cause I was thinking that it might just go away since I never had any skin allergies before regardless of the food I ate. And I couldn't even remember what I ate the past 3 weeks -- there were so many. What I remember, however, was when I ate baked oysters, which I think triggered my allergies, 'cause the itchy feeling was already there the day before I ate oysters. This is the first time I'm having food allergy.

So I went to see my doctor and prescribed me with an anti-allergy medicines and changed my anti-itch lotion. Surprisingly, the effect was fast and my allergies were cleared up in just 2 days.

Also, on Monday I had flu. I knew I was getting sick 'cause my legs and body was aching each time I move. Then I started to cough. So I've decided to buy Solmux and Bioflu and took them both after dinner and slept early. When I woke up in the morning, I was feeling already better. Good thing my flu didn't linger. :)

It was crazy. So now that I'm feeling better, I have to take care of a lot of stuff that I missed doing for the past few days. :)

Happy Thursday, folks!

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