Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Summing Up October and November 2012

I'm posting this in December! :D

Anyway, I have been really really busy and stressed out for the past few months of my blogging absence. The good thing now is that things are falling into place - the way I've planned it. Since my mom passed away, I haven't really organized my thoughts and get my acts together. I'm still hurt of her passing. But I'm trying to accept things along the way. :)

I'm currently in Pampanga. I have been here since October. I'll just post some pictures to depict my months of not blogging. :)


Hec went home (Iloilo) on October 14 for a quick break from stress at work. Pictures below.

October 22, I went to Pampanga. But before heading there, I caught up with some friends in Manila. 

October 29 - Went to Manila to meet Tita April who just came back from Thailand. 



Nothing much happened really in November. We are usually stay home and work. But we go out at least once a week to eat out or go for a stroll.


There's nothing much to see and do here in Pampanga. It's really different than what I am used to in Iloilo. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to. :)

'Til my next post!

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