Friday, September 07, 2007


I came up with an idea..just like the "All In A Days Work" from the Reader's Digest for the Hannibal King's (Lutz) blog , however he came up with the category of Chismax ni Marie.. hahah somewhat like the "Blind Items". Bongga nga mga idea, lol. I didn't know this guy is also a gossip monger hahaha! Geez! You won't believe me? Why not lurk into his blog right here.

Argh. I drank too much coffee. I feel jittery and my vision is a little bit blurry. Nothing much to update though. I just wanna let you know that I'm happy.

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  1. hay!! ginakulbaan ko akun ya sa mga amu ni nga "da who" basi bla ako haw.... anyway im safe with this issue kay wala man ko ka naug last monday shift... kabarato gidlang sa anita pro...