Friday, September 28, 2007

Crappy Entry

So today, I'm losing my voice. Nearly gone and nearly painless. I like it.
Change is in the air and all around me. It's such a powerful emotional thing, living. So wretchedly beautiful and painfully wonderful. So much love it can rip me apart.

Reminds me to be here now...right now, this minute.


I'm like craving for my weekends. Friends are planning to go out on a Saturday night.. but I am not sure if I can go out with them.. I have to ask my boyfriend first. Coz he might not want me to go out. I love him, and I respect him so much. I really admire him for being such a great dad for his kids.

Anyways, I think I need a clear mind. I think I'm going back to drinking, and I'm still not sure of when will I decide to have a break from it. I know it's stupid getting wasted again. I was talking to my friend over the phone about this last night.. I dont know what happened to make me change my mind. AAGGH, silly shit.

this will be my last entry for this week. I'm so frenzied with work.. and things have been changing around me. I be back for the updates next week.

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