Monday, September 24, 2007

3rd Monthsary! of kisses, love, movies, and good food

Oh wow the sun is up! So time for an update! I didn't go out on a Saturday night because of the heavy rain fall. I really miss the night life. *stamps foot*
Guess what.. it's our 3rd monthsary! Yay! We are not celebrating today because we had celebrated in advance. Look, I got smacked!
<--We just woke up hehe!
<--He got me a cutie boney pillow! We had a super fun weekend together. I am so happy.

Saturday - Hec met me up at SM City together with my friends around 11am.. but my friends were too sleepy so they went home by 2pm. Hec and I have decided to watch a movie.. we were choosing between 1408 and Skinwalkers.. he said he already have watched 1408, but I haven't yet.. but he insisted that we should watch Skinwalkers.. to our dismay, that movie was crappy! I think Hec was misleaded by the poster and thought it would be a nice movie. Funny thing is.. werewolves didn't use their hunting skills..but used more of their guns. Lol. don't waste your money for a movie like this.

One word for this movie. SUCKS! Why?
  • No plot

  • No visual effects

  • No action
Sunday - So he made "bawi" coz I was complaining how crappy Skinwalkers was. And we did watch 1408, starring John Cusack..He is Mike Enslin here..a writer who doesn't believe much in paranormal, but writes about it for a living. I don't wanna talk more about this, because I don't want to spoil your interest just in case you might wanna watch this movie.

So my thoughts on 1408:
  • the visuals are very tricky
  • good scares
  • but the ending is "bitin", it should have been more clear

I think it's based on Stephen King's short story.. I'm not sure though hehe. At first I thought it would really scare the shit outta me.. Well.. I have to admit I was covering my eyes from the start coz I really thought it's scary.. and Hec was like laughing at me and was trying to remove my hands from my eyes. Everytime he did that I would sneak in to his jacket or would hug him and he was like pushing me away! So bad hehe. I'm a fan of scary/horror flicks.. though I hate to hear myself scream and see myself jump off my seat. lol. Why do I like scary movies? --- uhmm..must be the chill factor. And then, I'll have nightmares for days and end up thinking something is out to get me. Just like the japanese film The Doll Master. I really had nightmares after watching this movie. I could even see the doll's image in my dreams, lol.

Ok back to our date, so after the movie.. Hec wanted to have dinner at Ihaw-Ihaw (Smallville), unfortunately, it was closed..So we end up having dinner at Marina's.. together with his bestfriend, Tomas.

He is also my friend and the one responsible why I met Hec. :D This was taken 6 months ago at Flow (Smallville). Hec was the one who took the picture.


  1. Bisan palpak ang attempt nga maglantaw sang best movie, you still got each other for the whole day.... I think that's the only thing that counts.... =D Ka-sweet nyo naman he-he....!

  2. Haha. Thanks. And yeah, us being together is one of the best things in the world! ;)