Wednesday, October 24, 2007

4th Monthsary

Days pass by so quickly! It's our 4th Monthsary. Yay!

I received a text from my boyfriend at 2:45 am.

"I love you so much, words are not enough to express my feelings for you. Thanks so much for everything."

Short and simple, but it makes me smile and gives my heart some excitement. hehehe.

I have the loving and sweetest boyfriend in the world. He showed me so much even if he knows little. He showered me all the love. Material things? Nah.. if J. Lo puts it.."my love don't cost a thing".. and he knows that. But I really thank him from cutie lil pillows to Valentino (hahaha.. oops! me and mah big mouth). But I'm not into material things.. and Hec knows that. Material stuffs are nice.. however, love is best.

But because I love trucks, so I guess I can wait for the Cadillac Escalade XLT (it came out in 2002 and revamped for 2008).

or F150 (2005) when he gets rich hahaha. Just joking!

We already have celebrated in advance,but I don't know if he has plans for today,coz he is working and I sleep during the day.But we'll see. ;)

Need a lift?

Oh before I forget, shout outs to Boss Charles!

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