Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't Matter

My mp3 is currently playing Akon- Don't Matter. I think this was released in summer 2007? My boyfriend and I likes this song.. well this must be our song. It's quite catchy and has a chilled out vibe. And everytime this song was played on the radio or at the mall..even in his office..he would text me "they are playing our song". Saaaweeettt! :)

If you got to listen to the words, it seems nobody wants to see the guy and his girl together...for whatever reason. However it "don't matter" to him because they love each other. Also, he seems to apologize to her a lot as well. Why? because the guy was cheating on his girl ( oh God, I hope this won't happen to me). Ok, whatever.

Watch the video


  1. I really hate that song...Akon's voice is so d_mn annoying! HOWEVER, I am glad that you and your boyfriend have found a song that you all love and define your relationship by; that's most important. My girlfriend and I define our love by Raheem DeVaughn's >sp< song 'Mo' Better'. I absolutely love that song!

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  2. The song might not wear well with some listeners.. but this will always (well..for now) remind me of my relationship with my boyfriend. We like the beat and its words..and in fact, we just danced with its laidback groove. :)

    Oh yeah.. 'Mo" Better is a beautiful song! love it as well.