Thursday, October 11, 2007

Everything Comes In Full Cirlce

My friends. Yup, they're all guys. And I'm one of the boys. They're like my older brothers hehe. I had a good talk with Elstin over the phone when I arrived home from work yesterday morning. We talked about something important.

Also, I got to meet two of my friends around 9pm at one of the coffee shops near the office.

I haven't felt much like to be hyper at work, it looks like it isn't going to be much better. But, turned out to be rather productive after all.

I have been stirring coffee into my breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is something about this month(?) that requires alot of coffee of me, hehehe. Shhh.. don't tell Hec. And I'm kinda losing weight now. Yay!

Also I had a week full of questioning my intelligence. This isn't a "please-tell-me-I'm-smart" plea.. there are just so many people that have been on this earth longer than I have, that have ruminated on certain ideas more thoroughly, and just have understandings that I don't. I listen to them, and wonder how on earth I'll ever be able to compete? At least I'm relatively sure that it's mostly not a question of capacity, but of time.

It's starting to get colder here. I need a warm hug.


  1. hmm.. who's hec?? can i give u a hug?

  2. He's mah boo.. :D
    well.. I don't feel cold now.. but i'll let you know if i need one. te-he. Thanks anyway. :)