Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Planning For The Halloween Party

We are three weeks away from the scariest night of the year. everyone in the office is very excited for the upcoming party which be held at the old house of our CEO. And he said there are ghosts in there.. hehe really, well their maid before was found dead in that house decades ago. And they have just found her skeleton in 2004. Pretty scary huh.

Anyways, we are all planning of what to do..the decorations and all.. so we are just gonna light up candles.. which I think would add up to a good scare, blah. There is nothing like a hair-raising location to get you in the spirit of things. Again...we are gonna have a Halloween Party at a Haunted House! Fun, eh?

For the costume, I'm planning I'd be Tinkerbell, haha. Because I think it's cute, lovely and i want it backless and she has a wand! Oh I want that wand! however, my boyfriend doesn't want me to wear the costume, he doesn't want me to show some skin, lol. We even argued about it this morning. Really.

And since my boyfriend doesn't want the Tinkerbell costume for me to wear for the Halloween party,he suggested a Grim Reaper costume hahaha. that's not cool! *frowns*. I'm just gonna think of something else. Hmmm..

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  1. tintin ni mike!October 11, 2007

    I bet you would look good with tinkerbelle costume! and u want it backless ha hehehe... sexy! see u online!