Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh To Be Young Again!

It's Kristine's birthday and we had dinner at Ihaw-Ihaw in Smallville. God, all my friends are gettin old! Apart from all the young ones that make me feel old. Carl didn't make it cause something came up..(emergency huh *big grin*). Some of Kristine's friends were also there and I didn't expect that because I thought it was only me and Carl that was invited hehehe. Anyway, her 22 year old friend, a boy, told me while we were eating that I looked 18 hahaha, awww sweet! I told him that it's one of the worst pick up line and that he must quit hitting on me cause he was a baby and I already have a boyfriend! He then said "what are you talking about? you can't be more than 2 or 3 years older than me". Lol. I just laughed and talked to Kristine. Hehehe.

So Kristine and I had a good talk. We are of the same age, she is funny, smart and never runs out of good stuffs to talk about. And I think I'm gonna miss her because she is going back to Chicago on Monday, and maybe live there for good with her husband. Maybe we are gonna see each other again tomorrow. But I'm not sure.. I don't feel like going out tomorrow night. I'm like having internal conflicts. My “assertive” persona is having it out with my inner “slacker”. The result is anyone's guess. I suppose we will just have to wait and see.

Ok, I gotta work now.


  1. Hahaha there was an emergency at home :p pero na miss ko ang dinner! Kanugon!!! na meet mo na man gali mga friends nya ha hehehe. Robert texted me you looked stunning last night.tingala man ko nasal-an ka na naman nga teen hehehe! Yudi!!! butigon edad mo marie jo! hahaha!!!! If only you don't have a boyfriend he could have courted you hehehe naks smile na xa hehehehe! c u tonight? night out! party! booze!!!! mabalik na ko davao wednesday! i will miss you guys!!

  2. Time flies by so fast. That is what I thought when my third grade teacher asked me to speak at her retirement party next year. I couldn't believe the time that has gone by as I will be 29 years old by then and she was my teacher when I was nine years old.

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