Monday, October 15, 2007

What A Weekend!

Time for an update!

Friday night, I had dinner with friends at Smallville. I had so much fun.

Saturday consisted of:
- sleeping for 5 hours; woke up from Caren's (Tomas' girlfriend) phone call
- dinner at Breakthrough because it was Tomas' birthday
- went to Smallville.. drank beer.. booze booze booze!
- picture picture.. hehehe. (i'll post some pics as soon as I have them with me)

Sunday consisted of:
- sleeping the whole day
- went to church at 6pm
- went to SM City
- overlook our beautiful city

Today consisted of:
- fetched my boyfriend from his work
- went to the gym, unfortunately they don't have a game.. hehehe
- we had dinner together
- we kissed, cuddled, curled up to bed before going to my work.. hehehe
- we danced to Akon's Don't Matter.. ahhhh sweet. really sweet. I didn't wanna leave then. But I have to. :( .. I hope we can do it again.

I've read his blog, he said there that I'm like in doubt in our relationship..but he's wrong. I was just kinda worried... well.."sunggod" is the word hehehe..because he was moody for the past few weeks, and we hardly could spend time together because he is busy/frenzied with work lately and also busy taking care of his baby boy. I'm not complaining because I understand his situation, I just want him to talk to me, and not to just ignore me. The only thing that I don't like is when he is troubled, he would just ignore me. And I dont understand why. I'm thinking maybe he doesn't want me to worry as well? But he's now trying to make it up with me.. I seemingly got the old "him" back..and I'm Über happy!

I don't want him any other way.. and I love him everyday.

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