Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rooftop Mini Parteeee!

We have planned of having a lil gathering at the rooftop. The policy? No food, no entry. hahaha! Well.. that came from Vangie. Here are some pics just a while back:

See?.. lil gathering, lil food

Sushi is my fave! And that's Rina with her lumpia

Meet the Hannibal King.

No, we are not the birthday celebrants, and there ain't no birthday party either hehe.

Lutz (Hannibal King), Moi, Vitzky

This was supposed to be a candid shot. lol. what can I do.. I'm such a camwhore. lol.

With Chai Tonette!

See more of us..


  1. yeheeeeeeeeeeeey! party pipz! ay abaw! Tam-is kag mahagpuk gid ko akun ya sa picture! Daw litson baboy gid akun skin color! Hagpuk! Hagpuk!

  2. aaaaw.. kaingget naman! i'm sure you guys had fun! :)