Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last Song Syndrome

I have been singing the song Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes since yesterday. This is just a remake/rewrite of a Supertramp's "Take A Look At My Girlfriend". It has a line that I really like:
"I know I'm young but if I had to choose her or the sun
I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun"

It's actually the chorus that I have been singing heheh

"Take a look at my girlfriend
She's the only one I got (ba ba da da)
Not much of a girlfriend
I never seem to get a lot (ba ba da da, ba ba da da)"

You guys must listen to the song, I'm pretty sure you will like it.

Watch the video:

That's it for now. I'm gonna see my boyfriend today. We will be spending the whole day together. :) Bleh. :p

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