Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Planning For The Halloween Party (Part 2)

The company's Halloween Party will be on November 2nd. I know it's kinda late to celebrate but what the and excitement is the thing that matters here. My officemates are very busy looking for their costumes, some are busy for the set up and all. I don't have much time to make my Tinkerbell costume, so I let my grandma make it for me. It's not yet done, and I hope it's gonna be stunning. I'm crossing my fingers to that.

The costume doesn't look like of this picture, but the color and style is somewhat like Does that makes sense? hehe. My boyfriend said he will be visiting me during the party, but I hope not because he will then bitch (scold) at me when he sees my backless, tube-type costume.I'm thankful that I finally got his consent to wear the costume. So we went to the mall on Tuesday and look for an adult Tinky costume, unfortunately there was none. waaahh. But it's ok though, I just let my grandma make it for me because I don't have much time to look for a Tinkerbell costume anymore.

I think I will be going to the mall after my work and buy the wings and a wand. I'm soooo excited! I will be posting some pictures from the event. Watch out for that.

This cutie lil guy is ready for the party hehehehe.

So...what is everyone being??

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  1. Hello! I love the doggie's costume, just right for our totoy.

  2. Haha.He's adorable and tries to scare some people hehehe! I wanna see your Totoy!