Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm A Real Downer

I can't really explain what's going on lately. I was a bit down and I don't know why though I've been doing things. New things. Things I've not done for ages, seeing people, meeting new people, and having an absolute blast. But still it feels like something is missing. It's silly really. It feels like I'm missing out something?

But really, I'm having the best time of things at the moment. My friends are just being absolutely wicked. Like i said, I've been doing things, and excited to go to places that I've wanted to go for the longest time, and I want to have so much fun while doing it all. I can't complain at all. Things are just all going really, well.. just good at the moment. But still, well, you know how it is....

I just want a hug, you know. I've been feeling so crap in myself these last few days. I can't explain, but what I feel right now actually just nose dived.

And just the last few days people have been so amazing. I have been talking to my best friends. And they are really trying hard to make me laugh.. I don't know how they could sense that I'm feeling troubled. they just really amaze me :)

So just a few minutes ago while doing the Sales Report (coz Logan asked me to) we were also talking about stuffs.. stuffs that really make me sad..waaahhh. Tears falling down my face..non-stop. And you know what he did? He let me listen to Edwin McCain's "These are the moments".. and he said something like:

"This will remind you of how much Hectril loves you". I feel really glad to have such positive people around me sometimes.

Oh but Hec is not the reason why I'm down. Like I said.. I don't know why I'm feeling like crap.

I will be alright when noodles is cooked. I have good friends that are good, and a sweet boyfriend who treats me like a princess. I really couldn't really ask for more.

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